Midsummer raises chicken to raise laying rate opportunely

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Burning hot summer, to the yield of egg chicken the egg measures an effect very big. Chicken produces the temperature with optimum egg to be ℃ of 15 ℃ ~25, when air temperature exceeds 28 ℃ , gallinaceous yield egg quantity decreases apparently, and chorion attenuates, egg decrescent, common says to rest volt. So how does midsummer raise gallinaceous laying rate? Might as well try the following method:
Add the watermelon skin that feeds watermelon skin to buy 20%~30% fresh pound in feed, have the effect that sunstroke prevention drops in temperature, can make gallinaceous laying rate rises 9% .
Add feed Shang Youqing of gram soup gram hot solution heat, gas defence alexipharmic effect. . Take gram right amount, abluent hind the 10~15 that add water times, boil to desquamate, let chicken have fabaceous water boiling water, a day of number second, can make gallinaceous laying rate rises 10.5% .
Cold water of water cold water can stimulate chicken collect appetite. The wholesome, quantity that contain salt does not exceed cleanness of 1.5 kilograms of heavy gallinaceous day water the cold water of 0.2% 0.15 kilograms, can make gallinaceous laying rate raises 12% above.
Add feed bicarbonate of formal name of sodium bicarbonate saleratus sodium, can keep the chroma of the carbon dioxide in egg chicken blood and appropriate PH cost. Every egg chicken feeds sodium bicarbonate everyday 0.3 grams, one-time in casting the feed that feeds at noon, can make gallinaceous laying rate raises 11% above.
Add the effect that feeds citric acid citric acid to anticorrosive ` weightening finish mediates, in the citric acid that feeds 0.05%~0.15% is added in egg chicken feed everyday, can make gallinaceous laying rate rises significantly, can increase an egg to weigh again.
Increase the disease-resistant capacity that feeds yeasty yeast to be able to enhance chicken, raise feed change rate. In egg chicken everyday the yeast that 2%~3% adds in feed, can make gallinaceous laying rate raises 10%~20% , can reduce feed cost again at the same time.
Add feed aspirin aspirin to be able to promote gallinaceous body to come loose hot. In egg chicken everyday the aspirin of 0.05% is added inside feed, can raise gallinaceous laying rate significantly, can increase the ply of chorion again at the same time.

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