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Chinese flesh kind association secretary-general Deng Fujiang: “ egg is an active put oneself in another's position, if temperature continues easily too high to grow; If the environment of microtherm moisture is refrigerated later, may imbibe. The production of the egg, deposit, carrying is to have a level roughly. ” he thinks, of the egg should saying surely is very important, produce manufacturer, distributors to should take seriously adequately.
He still discloses, about the egg GB problem that everybody cares, through two years draft, end already basically, seeking modification opinion.
Fruit by the exterior but differentiate stand or fall. But to the egg, differentiate of have no way it is good egg or rascal. Our country ever also undertook modification to standard of bright egg sanitation 2003. At that time, the basis is right of the birds egg such as chicken, duck, quail, dove detect result, to GB2748-81 " standard of bright egg sanitation " do end ministry to amend, whole egg shows small gules ” when if index of GB2748-81 sense organ is medium “ lamplight is clairvoyant (think to describe inaccuracy to cut) edit come for “ orange color orange red ” , GB2748-81 manage changes target in, mercuric ≤0.05mg/kg edits for ≤0.03mg/kg. Even if is such, the expert thinks clause of bright egg standard is not quite detailed still: Have index of a mercuric content only, still having is chorion, air chamber, albumen, yoke index of 4 sense organs, compare with photograph of standard of other agriculture products, such index too extensive.
As we have learned, actually influence egg character measures the factor of internal target, advocate if the bacterium exceeds pollution of mark, heavy metal, bacteriophage to remain,wait, these index are invisible feel do not wear, leave an instrument to cannot be differentiated at all.
It is reported, at the same time form a complete set publishs brigadier general of new egg state label a series of follow-up detect method, admittance mixes the market that executes an egg to give a system definitely. Wait for poisonous and harmful material to the antibiotic in the egg, heavy metal, pesticide among them, set standard of highest set limit to. New bid brigadier does not get check to give the substance such as chloromycetin, salmonella in requirement egg, chloromycetin often is mixed to enter gallinaceous feed to enhance hen strength, appear in the egg to belong to medicaments to remain, the meeting after edible causes a harm to man-made blood function; Salmonella causes alvine path disease easily, cause bromatoxism then. This egg GB has “ a few manage are changed, apparent index. But do not involve green, organic or it is not to have the problem such as social effects of pollution, media says is ‘ does not have ' of level of state of egg of social effects of pollution, this is inaccurate. ” Deng Fujiang emphasizes saying.
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