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City of only kind of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, plan and Xinjiang production build corps business affairs to be in charge of a branch:

Latter, partial country causes epidemic situation of ill sex avian flu high with area happening, our country also has 5 to save epidemic situation of area occurrence avian flu. Be worth migrant to migrate to send season high with avian flu currently, prevent accuse working surface to face grim situation. On October 20, the State Council is held prevent accuse to devote conference of special subject of ill sex avian flu high, to leaving one stage the job undertook deploy. Implement spirit of conference of the State Council to carry out, monitor effectively, be controlled in time and eliminate avian flu, strengthen cultivate birds and its product current management, ensure the flesh kind provision is safe, maintain market stability, will concern item now urgent announcement is as follows:

One, cogent strengthen constituent leader, fulfil each to prevent accuse measure. Branch of director of various business affairs wants sufficient understanding to prevent the austere sex that charges a situation and prevent the arduous sex that controls the job, from assure people the healthy, overall situation that safeguards market stability and stimulative economy progress sets out, cogent do good avian flu to prevent control the job. Want to strengthen leader, exact disposition, responsibility to reach the designated position, layer upon layer fulfil prevent accuse system of job responsibility. Want to cooperate closely with the branch such as agriculture, wholesome, qualitative check, seasonable understanding masters trends of avian flu epidemic situation, strengthen harmonious, had done each to answer the job jointly.

2, strengthen the flesh kind the market is monitored, master market trends in time. Various business affairs is in charge of a branch to want to continue to do market of good necessaries of life to monitor the work, the key is monitored white circumstance of the market price case of chicken and a pig, ox, hotpot and change of supply and demand, start daily to make when necessary. Want according to " the announcement that general office of Department of Commerce monitors limits about enlarging the market such as the necessaries of life " and " the announcement that general office of Department of Commerce monitors the work about strengthening rural market " requirement, expand further the breed that monitor and the limits that monitor, strengthen pair of butcher enterprises and rural market to be monitored dynamicly especially. In addition, branch of each district business affairs is even thorough place is large farming by-product terminal market, integrated supermarket and other flesh kind commodity sells a site, spot examination price, supply metabolic case. If produce the market unusual wave motion, answer to report to my ministry instantly.
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