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Congress of fitness of 2008 China International and gymnastical product purchase invitation letter order goods activity of meeting the corresponding period " gymnastical match, coach grooms, industrial height forum " time: On July 13, 2008 - 15 days of places: Shanghai smooth congress exhibits a center (road of water transport treasure 88) sponsor an unit: Yoga of committee of work of healthy industry of whole nation of association of sporting goods of Chinese culture and education only appoint meeting branch of Pudong of Shanghai of chamber of commerce of China International of branch of Pudong of Shanghai of stimulative commission of China International trade poors Deliesihafen exhibits (Hong Kong) limited company assist do an unit: Equipment of fitness of association of Chinese style things only appoint cartel of meeting China recreational recreation can undertake unit: Feideliesihafen is exhibited (Hong Kong) admire of Beijing of Shanghai of limited company exhibits a plan limited companyCongress theme: Fitness of the whole people, receive world rich The development of Chinese fitness industry, from 20 centuries industry of 80 time fitness is passed into by abroad up to now, had walked along the course that passes 20 years. After reforming and opening, rise as what flowing water of person the people's livelihood makes the same score, fitness of the whole people plans carry out the drawing near with 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, gymnastical consciousness of the Chinese grows day and day. The data of national statistic bureau shows: Came 2001 sports of family of our country townsman consumed average level to grow 1318.16 yuan from 657.98 yuan 2006, grew 1 times much. Fitness already became the most active one part in motion of the whole people. Data shows, of ChinaHealthy equipmentMarket dimensions is about 5 billion -- 6 billion yuan. At present our country already had numerousGymnastical equipmentManufacturing company, on the world almost types of all common fitness appliance, chinese enterprise is being produced, the brand outside be much territory undertakes machining, china makesGymnastical equipmentThe portion of about 60% was held on the international market, exit hands in easy forehead to amount to 2 billion dollar. Exit export already became the direction that industry of equipment of our country fitness grows gradually, because this is held,this congress is to get used to the development of domestic fitness and foreign exit situation. Shanghai regards our country as the largest economy center, shanghai world rich was met 2010 be about to hold, businessman company flocks to come, market potential cans be imagined, it is in 1.3 billion population of Chinese, the family that has gymnastical equipment is not much, the sales volume that resembles ran machine one year is 200 thousand about, domestic popularity rate is only 1% . As " fitness of the whole people " athletic development spreads out, the gymnastical consciousness of people increases in year after year, make the industry got swift and violent development related domestic fitness. [exhibition advantage] ◆ is current exhibiting can be the grand meeting that reveals union to be an organic whole with gymnastical series product. This second congress exhibited business to offer a new conduct propaganda to join direction reveals a space newly with, purchase new-styly to purchased business to offer, trade and communication platform, for consumer understanding fitness product is mixed one-stop purchase offerred advantage. ◆ [exhibit meeting audience organization and propagandist promotion] ◆ to the whole nation each district is large enterprise or business center of sports of unit, large public place of entertainment, park, government sector, community, gymnasium, school, fitness is met house of place, club, yoga, beautiful system is tight building of body room, bazaar, business affairs, .
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