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Two years on November 23 plan of diagnosis and treatment of accessory person avian flu (2005 edition revised edition) one, cause of disease learns
Avian flu virus is belonged to sticking virus of virus division armour flu to belong to. Virus of birds armour flu shows polymorphous sex, among them globose diameter 80 ~ 120nm, have bursa film. Gene group is minute of section sheet negative catenary RNA. Coagulate according to blood of the film outside its element (H) with nerve ammonia acid enzymatic (N) of albumen antigen sex different, can divide at present for 16 H inferior model (H1 ~ H16) with 9 N inferior model (N1 ~ N9) . Virus of birds armour flu divides infection outside birds, still can affect person, pig, horse, mink and marine mammal. So far, the avian flu virus that already confirmed infection person inferior model wait for H5N1, H9N2, H7N7, H7N2, H7N3, the patient illness that affects H5N1 among them is serious, rate of die in one's bed is high.
Avian flu virus is right the organic dissolvent such as ether, chloroform, acetone all sensitive. Commonly used disinfectant destroys his easily vivid, like oxidizer, rare acid, haloid compound (bleaching powder and iodic agent) wait to be able to destroy its quickly active.
Avian flu virus is more sensitive to heat, but stronger to microtherm resistance, 65 ℃ heat 30 minutes or boil (100 ℃ ) 2 minutes of above can destroy vivid. Virus can survive in inferior temperature excrement and urine 1 week, can survive in 4 ℃ water a month, have particular strength to acidity environment, also have certain surviving capacity below the condition of PH4.0. Vigor can retain 1 year below the case that has glycerine presence above.
Bare virus can destroy 48 hours in below point-blank sunshine 40 ~ vivid, if use ultraviolet ray direct illuminate, can destroy its active quickly.
2, epidemiology
(one) infect a source to basically be the birds such as the chicken that suffer from avian flu or carries avian flu virus, duck, goose kind. Wild fowl acted important role in the natural transmission of avian flu.
Still travel to cut evidence really between nobody and person at present. (3) easy feeling crowd thinks commonly, the mankind feels not easily to avian flu virus. Although any ages all can be affected, but in the H5N1 infection case of illness that already discovered, place of 13 years old of the following children holds proportion taller, the illness is more serious.
(4) the person that Gao Wei crowd is engaged in rasorial aquaculture and the family member that its live with the ground, before coming on 1 fowl has arrived inside week raise, the lab staff member of material of infection of virus of avian flu of the person that the sale reachs the place such as butcher, contact, personnel that has intimate contact with avian flu patient.
3, clinical feature
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