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Current, the information content of 90% above of our country is to pass fiber-optic transmit, smoothCommunicationReach relevant photoelectron industry to becoming the new economic point of growth that drives whole Information Industry. To this, industry and informatization undersecretary Lou Qinjian think: “ regards fiber-optic communication as main component of the technology, fiber-optic receive a technology to develop flourishingly in recent years, drive actively fiber-optic break out exhibits the bitter fleabane that receives a technology to develop to promoting our country Information Industry, ability of promotion industry innovation and core competition ability have very principal port. ”

Lou Qinjian expresses, the trend that at present “ light retreats ” into copper is inevitable already, development is fiber-optic receive a technology to be able to be accelerated popularize economy of countryman of broadband network, promotion and informatization level, can promote 3 nets confluence, be helpful for enterprise of traditional and telegraphic operation serving a provider to comprehensive information.

Compare with other country posture, our country is fiber-optic receive a technology to start later, fiber-optic arrive door user scale is not large. In technical business innovation, core the respect such as technology of patent control, core is existing not little difference. Divide this beyond, still existing of system and control policy cost accept degree. The obstacle of different respect also becomes the flowing gradual progress of the network and equipment problem. Lou Qinjian expresses: Place of courtyard of enterprise of need of breakthrough of “ core technology, scientific research, government is in charge of sectional joint efforts. Alliance of industry of ” his hope is in can ceaseless henceforth the adjustment that passes pair of management systems especially from technical level, consumer level, drive development and undertake thorough research, put forward corresponding policy proposal.

Lou Qinjian states this the form with alliance is promoted fiber-optic receive development, be promote an industry own innovation ability explore again. He says: “ holds water alliedly will conduce to an enterprise making full use of domestic industry basis, strengthen industrial catenary the technical communication of each link and collaboration. Learn to grind through producing the union that uses a respect, promotion our country is fiber-optic the competition ability that receives technology and industrial whole. ”

Lou Qinjian still emphasizes, the management department of industry and informatization ministry and operation business will support allied development energetically, make from the research that develops policy of program, industry, standard wait for many sided to reflect support. Encourage alliance to promote innovation force through the form such as combination, alliance, drive our country fiber-optic the development that receives technology and industry, make smooth communication and photoelectron industry become the new window in Information Industry development. (Yu Shangmin)
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