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German division grand sponsors an unit: Undertake unit: Support an unit: Exhibit house title: Exhibit meeting time: 2008-08-30 releases time to 2008-09-02: 2008-03-19 exhibits meeting site: German division grand exhibits meeting content: 2008 sporting goods of division grand international, camp Spoga Gafa of horticultural tool exposition exhibits equipment and international meeting time: On August 31, 2008 - will exhibit meeting site on September 2: German division grand exhibits frequency second: Annual one (only then did 1960) exhibit meeting introduction: Spoga - sporting goods of division grand international, camp equipment and garden life exposition are the whole world lies fallow the dominant exposition with reach gardens industry the the biggest, most important, platform of the platform that also is international communication and commerce, the forum that at the same time market industry purchases, information and media grand meeting at an organic whole, the heart that will be in Europe every year in September since 1960, German division grand is held. Begin from 2004, of Spoga and Gafa hold cycle and limits of item on display to differ somewhat. In even numbers year, spoga Gafa the corresponding period is held, item on display includes all gardens and recreational product. In odd number year, spoga will be held alone, part of general of item on display is horticultural product extension comes in. All and newest product, technology and concept meet the industry to appear on Spoga Gafa, this is trend of development of your knowledge industry and market prospect, search professional partner, extend the mainest room of the international market. 2008, division grand international is horticultural exposition Gafa will be held with Spoga the corresponding period, reveal newest product and technology to the commerce audience that comes from the whole world. Whenever double year Spoga Gafa will prove his again in the whole world the influence of the dominant exposition of industry of recreational, gardens reachs a position. At the same time sure also exhibited business to offer more vast market space and the good luck that extend Europe and international market for Chinese ginseng. Limits of item on display: 1, appliance of recreational appliance, motion of the recreation on water and equipment, beach is recreational facilities of equipment of equipment of bag of bag of equipment of appliance of series, bivouac, barbecue, sunglass, tent, hammock, bag, box, fitness, sauna, health substance; 2, facilities of outdoors furniture, garden is recreational sculpture of silk screen of equipment of pool of desk and chair, gush, barrier, garden; 3, equipment of exercise of harness, horsemanship and dress. 4, garden furniture, decoration; Product of gush pool equipment, bath equipment, stone carving, barrier, webby, Tie Yi, hardware; 5, the flower is planted, dry flower, man-made flower, delicacy cuts technology of earth of flower, miniascape, flowerpot, education radical, implantation, conservatory and product 6, tool of lawn conserve equipment, lawnmower instrument, gardens; 7, environmental protection technology and product, zoology product; 8, things of exercise of golf field technology and equipment, golf; Toward bound reviewing: Exhibited meeting information 2006: Exhibit meeting to accumulate 284, 000 smooth rice is indoor exhibit a house to reach 80, 000 smooth rice outdoor reveal an area; Ginseng exhibit business 2, more than 456 (come from 64 countries and area, international ginseng exhibits business scale 77 % ) ; Professional audience 50, 000 more than person (come from 103 countries and area, abroad audience occupies audience scale 55 % ) should be being exhibited is the trade fair with world the the biggest, at present famousest dimensions, with " outdoors, recreational, garden, green " give priority to a problem, dimensions is baronial, it is international is the most important exhibit one of things. Begin to will be enabled from 2006 exhibit a house newly, exhibit an area to amount to 280 thousand smooth rice, cent exhibits a house 11 times. Among them SPOGA occupies 6 houses, GAFA occupies 5 houses; Exhibit business to divide park by category of item on display each major house, exhibit the data that the company offers according to division grand, the ginseng of nearly 4000 enterprises of the 50 many countries that come from Germany and world each district and area is exhibited, professional audience comes from nearly 100 world nations to amount to 170 thousand person-time. This characteristic that exhibit is to specialization highly, internationalization and intelligence are changed. Of 70 exhibit business and the audience of 50 to come from besides Germany. Basically be each district purchases a large amount of buyer such as group and business of imports and exports, middleman, manufacturer, among them 85 have purchase decision making authority, 65 sign sheet to clinch a deal on the spot 2008 appreciation product " Chinese supplier directory " , " China exhibits business " advertisement ask forring is accepted to order in the round since this day, favourable layout is finite, be about to order as soon as possible! The detail invites report to seek advice! " Chinese supplier directory " , take away you to all over the whole world to exhibit meeting, open is infinite business chance! " China exhibits business " , strong propagandist weapon, the spot that buy the home finds you! [relevant exhibit meeting] : 08 United States pull Siweijiasi hardware tool exposition 2008-05-06---2008-05-08 08 hardware exhibits Dibaifalankefu 2008-05-25---2008-05-27 08 year tool of Russia international hardware is exhibited (encourage exhibits group organizing committee) 2008-09-30---2008-10-02 08 Mexico melon amounts to Lahala international hardware is exhibited 2008-09-12---2008-09-14 08 year enlighten do obeisance to fall trade fair 2008-11-05---Commodity of 2008-11-08 Jordan China exhibits Iraq, Lebanon to rebuild purchase congress 2008-12-02---Square organizing committee contacts means in 2008-12-05: Controller of telephone number 021-51276768*8332: Miss Guo 13564578235 faxes number: 021-51276766 MSN:gAdvertisement of Uoguo0201@hotmail.com Shanghai international exhibits tool of hardware of limited company WWW.meorient.com to exhibit | American international hardware and horticultural exhibit | Tool of American international hardware and horticultural exhibit | International hardware is exhibited | International hardware tool and horticultural exhibit | Brazilian hardware is exhibited | The hardware with the biggest South America is exhibited | South America most hardware exhibits Germany the biggest hardware is exhibited | Exposition of division grand hardware | Exposition of hardware of division grand international | British hardware is exhibited | Division grand hardware is exhibited | 2008 worlds metals is exhibited | Spain covers with tiles hardware of Lun Xiya DIY is exhibited | Enlighten do obeisance to hardware to exhibit | Mexican hardware is exhibited | Muscovite hardware is exhibited | Birmingham hardware is exhibited | 2008 Russia hardware is exhibited | 2008 Europe hardware is exhibited | 2008 hardware steam deserves to exhibit | Building materials hardware is exhibited | Hardware exhibits Las Vegas | Spanish hardware is exhibited | Spain finishs tool of hardware of Ba Eguo border exhibits Er | Spanish hardware tool is exhibited | Hardware of Indian gold Nai is exhibited | Indian hardware is exhibited meeting | Exhibition of Indian international hardware | Indian hardware fittings is exhibited meeting
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