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Pork market wave motion is driven farming name company changes

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“ comes loose raise door because benefit is low, standardize cannot whole journey promotion, create the appearance that raises a pig to be inferior to work. Pork is supplied should tend normalization, standardization, executing industrialization to develop is the only way. ” saw the ” of “ soft costal region of live pig breed aquatics just about probably, shandong 6 and, the pace that the group such as Qingdao boundless blessing quickened industrialization of live pig breed aquatics, meat packing at present, through carrying out standardization breed aquatics and butcher treatment, advance standardization dimensions to breed, with period change traditional live pig to breed producer type, ensure normal market furnishs thereby.
Price of our country pork appears this year fluctuant, after the country rolls out significant step about the branch, pork rises in price hasten delay. But fluctuate through this, produce machined an enterprise to see the development opportunity that pursues standardization dimensions to breed from which. It is reported, exclude the factor such as plague, home is famous farming name company thinks generally, information asymmetry, standardize promotion of dimensions breed aquatics not to reach the designated position, it is one of reasons with pork fluctuant price. Accordingly, the farming herd company that has actual strength values live pig to standardize the new business chance of dimensions breed aquatics in succession, cooperate through international, introduce new technology, breed from live pig, breed wait for proceed with, combine market information, executive standardization is produced, reduce plague and disease effect, improve pork quality, provide full amount for the market, be at ease, product of high grade of all kinds pork. Be like before with feed, animal produce treatment, breed, animal drug and biology pharmacy give priority to 6 with the group, also begin industrial structural adjustment now, active sortie live pig breeds an industry, through buying relevant company, executive standardization, dimensions is changed breed, and butcher treatment and even ripe food are made etc, build and optimize whole industry catenary.
Food safety is the main topic of current society, before domestic “ farming name ” directs with exporting a product to be more, be engaged in production and the treatment such as product of cultivate of vegetable, birds, sea, not much to home market attention. As our country economy grows now and flowing water of person the people's livelihood rises smoothly, people is measured to feeding character and safe demand is higher and higher, production and the phenomenon that supply the information asymmetry between are increasingly outstanding, if can see the consumption of home market needs in time, timely production is corresponding product, of relevant enterprise as will bigger. Qingdao city also guides enterprise “ through all sorts of policy and channel about the branch two legs ” walks, value home market, accomplish two markets of international home to develop simultaneously win-win.
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