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Chicken giving an egg is some more compensatory vitamin D3

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When raising chicken, mix to protein, carbohydrate besides egg chicken outside mineral need, still must notice to add vitamin D, notice supply vitamin especially D3, there is decisive effect in the process that because vitamin D3 is in,the egg fashions. In busy season yield an egg, vitamin D3 can develop manufacturing property of chicken adequately, of bigger limit raise feed pay, make chicken productive the egg produces big egg; Be in those who produce an egg is off-season (winter) , vitamin D3 can increase amount yield an egg, change produce an egg off-season to produce egg busy season, increase income, raise the economic benefits that raises chicken. Supply method: It is can feed etc of some of small fish, miscellaneous shrimp more pink of the puppy in water, fish meal, blood, silkworm chrysalis, insect, because rich vitamin D3 is contained in these animal feed. 2 be can feed the viridescence such as leaf of some of fresh and tender green grass, pagoda tree, elm leaf, green vegetables leaf, carrot more juicily feed. 3 it is to notice to make chicken much bask (be in especially winter) , have sunshine bath, still can undertake illuminate of man-made ultraviolet radiation, so that promote the synthesis of vitamin D3,reach absorb. 4 it is right indoor circle raises the egg chicken that does not see sunshine, right amount “ cultivate must be added to use a variety of vitamin ” and vitamin D3 preparation in feed.

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