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Food treats thrush

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Thrush basically is behaved for oral cavity mucous membrane occurrence white orders state or piece account other people. Serious Shi Keman is delayed to laryngeal, esophagus, cause disease of systemic sex fungus even. Use food to treat, the result is occasionally right.

1. Bailuo predicts juice 3 ~ 5 milliliter, unripe olive juice 3 milliliter of 2 ~ , mix the evaporate in putting bowl of the buy inside the bowl ripe, cool hind cent is taken 2 times, daily 2 agents of 1 ~ , use consecutively 3 ~ 5 days.

2. goes to squashy cherry nucleus, extract juice 5 milliliter of 3 ~ , water is lain between to stew inside buy cup, cool hind divide 1 ~ 2 times to take, daily 2 agents of 1 ~ , take 3 ~ 5 days repeatedly.

Juice of 3. balsam pear: Balsam pear juice 60 milliliter, rock candy is right amount, put balsam pear juice into boil inside arenaceous boiler, right amount rock candy is joined dissolve agitate divide evenly, can take.

Lotus seed of 4. American ginseng stews rock candy: American ginseng 3 grams, lotus seed goes core 12, rock candy 25 grams, american ginseng section, put after bleb is added to send inside small bowl with lotus seed, add rock candy again, the evaporate that lie between water stews 1 hour, drink soup to eat lotus seed meat, remain American ginseng piece, morrow can add lotus seed to be stewed with law evaporate again. American ginseng can be used 2 times, eat off 1 times finally.

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