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Industry of peaceful yellow chicken standardizes working on-the-spot record

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Not only home applauds, peaceful yellow chicken still sells as far as to Euramerican country in recent years. Enter winter, on prosperous mansion highway, lade the car of yellow chicken catchs, move back and forth ceaseless, local transportation and sale door say, the peaceful yellow chicken that goes to Shenzhen through truck transport, turn Cheng goes to the United States, Germany with respect to “ flying ” and other places. Arrived this year in January in October, flying ” of “ of many 1000 yellow chicken goes to this county Euramerican market, achieve collect 5.6 million dollar.

People contends for photograph recognition already delicious good the peaceful yellow chicken that sell, local calls its “ ” of 3 yellow chicken again, because have leg at the same time, feather, rostellum “ feature of appearance of substance of 3 yellow ” and get a name. Peaceful yellow chicken is planted as chicken of a place, suffer praise highly fully in domestic and international market at the same time, still be thing of these a few years.

In last few years, peaceful county year appear yellow chicken 25 million above, appear this year the professional village of 500 thousand above achieves 12, year appear the breed aquatics of 3000 above large family amounts to more than 1000, be engaged in yellow chicken breeding the personnel that reachs relevant industry to break through 10 thousand people, annual produce already broke through 400 million yuan, make peace the agricultural industry that the county exceeds commissariat production value the first times. Peaceful Ceng Xiaoqing of director of prefectural agriculture bureau tells us: All these, the standardization of industry of peaceful yellow chicken and brand change profit from.

name and contend for a name

Peaceful yellow chicken raises the history long. According to historical data account, have early when the Northern and Southern Dynasties raise, already had 1500 old histories up to now, it is me the province is high grade breed of fryer of small delicacy place. The characteristic that its have value most is outstanding early sex and exceedingly good flesh simple character, with the whole nation photograph of breed of many distinguished places is compared, multinomial flesh pledges index all prevails, among them little taste, sweet taste amino acid content, flax acid content is highest, and lowest of adverse to human body health mustard seed acid content. Although peaceful yellow chicken enjoys high reputation on the history, but be in in recent years, had a few unbeknown change however.

Peaceful Tu Botao of director of cooperation of industry of prefectural yellow chicken says: “ dimensions changes development more than 10 years to come, peaceful yellow chicken is sold all the time with Jiangxi earth chicken, as this kind of chicken spruce annul, other chicken also is said Jiangxi earth chicken, cause conceptual promiscuous. So, want to be peaceful yellow chicken to contend for a name now, let consumer knows and like peaceful yellow chicken. ” at the same time, because be in natural multiply condition for a long time, chicken group appearance is mixed and disorderly, breed degrades somewhat, manufacturing function and grade drop somewhat.
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