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Sanitation of food of hospital of British half the number does not amount to mar

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England " daily Post " 12 days of reports, a newest findings report makes clear, complete flower the kitchen of hospital of close half the number and dining room short of are basic and wholesome standard, put in a lot of and wholesome problem.

The report says, in 377 hospitals that are investigated, have 173 wholesome states unqualified, among them the legal standard of store of food of 68 short of.

The report still says, 107 hospitals cannot produce the relevant document that proves food safety, 68 did not store food park aptly under temperature, 25 did not undertake grooming appropriately to employee, 18 are put have expire food, 11 domestic hospitals have the pest such as cockroach, mice in the kitchen, sanitation of individual of 57 hospitals personnel does not amount to mark to often perhaps wash his hands carelessly.

The report call-overs criticized 6 hospitals, among them a grown ” cockroach that is discovered growth of “ of the existence in the kitchen is good, another is by discovery in old hall have rat, still have a dinner dish in putting injector and syringe needle actually.

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