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The additive agent for food in snacks makes children provides aggressiveness mor

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Australia considers to say, the common additive agent for food in snacks is easy bring about children to provide aggressiveness more.

Researcher is in bay Xin Nawei palmy island elementary school had Er person state by a definite date two weeks experiment, divide during outside offerring the breakfast that does not contain any additive agent for food to the student, still send student parent to prepare the directive manual of lunch and dinner for the child. Experimental result shows, the two children that any additive agent for food did not assimilate inside week its are daily behavior appeared significant change.

Researcher red lid says, the positive result of this short-term research is surprising. He says: “ makes a person mysterious really, these children that participate in an experiment are mutual more cooperate, decrease with the brawl of brotherly sister. ”

Bannaite of president of palmy island elementary school says, the experiment has the 4th opportunity, he feels the student's change apparently. Bannaite says: We notice “ those problem children make disturbance lesser now. ”

Researcher thinks, the additive agent for food that this one experiment shows to children is absorbed daily produced negative effect to their mental health.

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