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Peruvian Yo gives the potato of multicoloured

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Had you seen the potato of “ multicoloured ” ? Be in Peruvian, besides potato of prevailing earth yellow, local farmer still is cultivated gave multicoloured, grotesque potato, make Peruvian potato breed amounts to 3500 kinds.

In the the Andes Mountains the crown of the year of a mountainous area potato, farmer of a lot of place busies results potato, the potato here is onefold earthy yellow no longer, appear however colourful: Yellow, gules, blue, purple, violet color and belt the pink of maize stain is waited a moment. The potato of a variety of color piles together, look the ocean that resembling is multicoloured. These potatoes not only color is diversiform, and also be grotesque: Have a circle, have chief body, still twist is together, still have falcate like crutch, also have in that way gyroidal like top. The name that local farmer takes to these potatoes is lifelike also, for instance: Do daughter-in-law to cry, bazoo of old bone, black beautiful woman, white deer, red sign.

In Peruvian the Ai Ma that has village of 650 much place helps a person (a of South America Indian) have those who respect potato diversity to cultivate a tradition all the time. The district that Ai Ma draws a person to live is considered as agriculture to learn the home to undertake crop is bred, the best place that holds crop diversity. Here freezing climate feature, avoided what helminth grows to the potato to destroy. In annual the crown of the year, the person can harvest Aimala amount to a variety of 2000 different potatoes.

Current, peruvian the manufacturing big country that is the potato on the world, the ” of center of “ international potato that held water 1971 also settle is Peruvian capital Lima. The possibility that this center aims to develop potato and other tuber crops is cultivated, another kind of made choice outside can regarding the corn that basically depends on besides the mankind on the earth as commissariat. Favorable balance of trade of implantation of lab of preexistence of expert of ” of center of “ international potato crosses a variety of 2000 potato seeds that do not have virus, carry these seeds to highland to let a farmer cultivate next. Adopt this kind of method, the expert has succeeded to have a few potato variety that are close to disappearing because of virus afresh implantation grow, let people can sample again the potato of different taste.

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