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England sells aspic flesh is affected by doubt catch a disease of bacterial numb

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The aspic meat that electric England will sell London of China News Service inside supermarket of a famous chain on August 14 is suspected 14 days to cause client bromatoxism. Already a client suffers a bacterium after the aspic meat that this inn sells edible infection, do not treat die, have two bromatoxism case additionally serious person still accept treatment in the hospital.

A deformity woman of 66 years old was in recently Scotland Lunfu Lu Jun the ” of Morison of chain supermarket “ inside the municipality buys Peisili aspic flesh, coliform organisms of the infection after edible 0 157 virus are admitted to hospital, do not treat at 13 days of mornings die. The 72 years old of husbands of this death woman, woman that reachs another 71 years old because edible is akin,also freeze the flesh, appear serious bromatoxism symptom, still accept treatment inside the hospital at present. The recuperate in still 4 person that be affected are in the home at present.

According to Dagelasige and Ke Laide countryman healthy insurance device says, first sign makes clear, infection cause comes from Morison probably to exceed two delicatessen inside city, but at present evidence have not enough, still want further investigation. Morison supermarket already removed delicatessen of case of below two experience inside all be about to make work aspic flesh, cooperating public health actively to ensure alliance to have thorough investigation, do one's best finds out a bacterium to affect a source as early as possible.

Coliform organisms 0 157 for a kind new-style cause disease microbial, the likelihood causes abdominal convulsion, sickness, n/med having blood in one's stool reach calorific wait for disease of the sex that feed a cause, serious when meeting development is haemolysis sex uremia, cause death then. Coliform organisms 0 157 have transmission through the food that is polluted or fountainhead normally, ill in old people and children hair is led especially tall. 1996, england ever erupted serious 0 157 epidemic situation, disaster reachs many town, cause 21 people death finally.

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