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Domestic Le Fukai exhibits knowledge of 2007 Beijing nutrition to publicize week

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Knowledge of nutrition of Beijing of “2007 of nutrient knowledge propaganda publicizes the large commonweal sex that with “ advisability ” of consumption, healthy life gives priority to a problem week of ” , will atOn August 25, 2007To 31 days of Le Fubei is in the home the 8 doors inn of Beijing is held. This second activity learns nutrition of meeting, Beijing University and food hygiene by Beijing nutrition is to wait for an unit to be sponsorred jointly, control medical university of central nutrition and food safety place, capital, China by Chinese disease precaution food of committee of job of medicine of association of prepotent actor Yo, China ferments the unit such as industrial academy assist do. Publicize Zhou Huo to move those who got Beijing health bureau to support energetically.

Hold “2007 year activity of ” of week of nutrient knowledge conduct propaganda, it is to popularize a balance to consumer conduct propaganda prandial knowledge, directive consumer is tie-in in daily life reasonable balance is prandial, prevent the chronic disease that concerns with food thereby, improve life quality. In the meantime, also introduce well-advised spending pattern and good dietary convention to wait to consumer, stimulative consumer forms healthy lifestyle.

Week of conduct propaganda of 2007 nutrition knowledge learns health of foundation of safety of food of China of happy blessing of Chinese agency, home, new sound to develop disease of research center, China to accuse office of central food aggrandizement to initiate by international life science. Held in what Beijing succeeds 2006 first activity of week of nutrient knowledge conduct propaganda, got customer speak very highly of and attend eagerly. Broadcasting station of a 3 13 newspaper, TV stations, broadcast and 28 networks media never are the same as angle to be opposite this activity had a story, obtained good social echo. This year, foundation of safety of food of China of domestic happy blessing expands again aid financially strength, decide in the whole nation 8 cities continue to do “ nutrition knowledge to publicize ” activity, these 8 cities are Beijing, Tianjin, Harbin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu respectively. Beijing is the town that conducts this activity the 2nd.

Activity of week of nutrient knowledge conduct propaganda chose Beijing nutrition society, Beijing University 2007 nutrition of communal and wholesome institute and food hygiene are fastened also is the powerful actual strength that meets considering dietetics of Beijing University, Beijing. Beijing University nutrition and food hygiene fasten mutual researcher 12 people, high post 4 people, deputy high post 6 people, intermediate 2 people, have a doctor's degree among them 7 people.
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