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Unscramble the linkage effect that pork depreciates

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The reporter piles produce terminal market to understand from Hefei week cereal, 27 days of pork are white every 500 grams are in an all commodity trade price 7.8 to 8.6 yuan between, 28 days morning, white an all commodity trade price all valence is 8.4 yuan of every 500 grams, this one price relatively before a few trade day drops to be controlled 1 yuan.

Pork value is overt fall after a rise

Pile Li Tao of analyst of information of produce terminal market to introduce according to Zhou Gu, trade price of commodity of all of the pork at the beginning of August ever amounted to 9.6 yuan when every 500 grams are highest. And since August 10, pork price goes now to fall, but scope is very little. August 27 depreciate, it is first time is greater since nearly a few months fall.

In Zhou Gu caboodle produce terminal market is engaged in a boss introduction with wholesale pork, the pork price of 27 days of before dawn is very low, for place of a period infrequent. And 28 days morning, be in the urban district many free market of agricultural products, the reporter also discovers pork retail prices has drop apparently. A pork spreads out advocate the introduction, now pig backlash flesh retail prices drops nearly 12 yuan from every 500 grams 11 yuan the following.

Growing Jiangxi way a supermarket, the reporter discovers likewise, pork retail price is apparent fall after a rise. A citizen tells a reporter, about the same same pork chop, want 13 yuan of money a few days ago, spent 11 yuan of money to be bought today.

Depreciate to be in not just Hefei. In Anhui east Chao Hu, near future price monitors data to show, in August pork of free market of agricultural products of the last ten-day of a month (backlash) , price of lean lean of essence of life is mixed for 11.5 yuan of every 500 grams respectively 14 yuan of every 500 grams, with on score of photograph of lunar the corresponding period does not drop 4.2% with 7% .

In hill of copper of the city austral Anhui, the data that monitor shows, case will be trade price of pork of the first ten days of a month in August 9.7 to 10.7 yuan of every 500 grams, the last ten-day of a month is wholesale in August the price falls 8.8 to 9.7 yuan of every 500 grams, fall on average amount to 9.3% . And on August 26, flesh of pig hind leg retail prices, it is by before one period 12 yuan of every 500 grams fall more for 11.5 yuan of every 500 grams, fall amount to 4.2% .

Supply soars to still need time

To the reason that pork price drops, information analyst Li Tao thinks, the mainest is new round breed aquatics live pig begins to give column, supply to the market in succession, the live pig supply on the market begins to increase. 28 days, pork of week cereal caboodle is white a currency and supply of cold fresh pork are close to 50 tons, before comparing paragraph period increased 10% the left and right sides.
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