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From " incident of corruption of domestic Le Fu " see prices rise

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Recently, headquarters of China of domestic happy blessing reported a few in-house and corrupt incident that already were investigated, include Beijing CCU(city to purchase a center among them) and personnel is moved to send a judiciary related place of unripe delicacy of 7 doors inn. Domestic Lefu expresses, this incident won't give a happy blessing operation to bring any influences, the price of product giving birth to delicacy also can keep stable, won't appear fluctuant. (" Beijing morning paper " on August 27)

Chinese police helps Le Fu of foreign capital entrepreneur catch in-house borer, be helpful for upholding the internal order of the enterprise. Nevertheless, if watch this one event merely from this, the meaning is very finite, if we put this one incident below macroscopical market background, have great sense however.

Current market background is the impetus that prices appears to rise at full speed. This year 1—7 month, CPI accumulative total rises 3.5 % , price of category of 1—7 lunar eclipse rises 8.6 % , live kind of price rise 4.1 % ; And July a month is to achieve more new tall, index of dweller consumption price rises 5. 6 % . Of prices rise, affected the heart of the whole people, of a convenient cover rise in price to cause heat to discuss on standing committee of National People's Congress. The country also published prices of multinomial policy adjusting control, on July 30, the State Council is given out " the opinion that stabilizes the market to supply about promoting live pig to produce progress " ; On July 31, the State Council holds conference of videophone of job of ” of countrywide “ food basket to undertake specific deploy; On August 13, the State Council is given out " about cogent fulfil policy to make sure the market is supplied safeguard deputy food price to stabilize urgent announcement " . Gold is to compare a to tighten together.

However, when having adjusting control to the market, we cannot ignore enterprise interior to urge however go up the element of prices, commercial corruption is among them a main factor. With domestic Le Fu incident is exemple, what be investigated this is a happy blessing Beijing the class of class of flesh of 7 doors inn is senior and the personnel that CCU is in charge of giving birth to delicacy to purchase, evidence is the bribery that receives a supplier. The supermarket purchases personnel to receive the bribery of the supplier, it is ” of typical “ in the long run, the vendor gave bribery money, want to raise fleshy price necessarily, turn the cost of bribery thereby sow gives customer.

This seed manure illegal element, complete social welfare buries only appearance to must cause height to take seriously.

Restrain prices to rise currently, special the one link with be necessary to will hit commercial bribery to regard as important, in order to cooperate other policy of macroscopical adjusting control, ensure leveling-out moves, ensure the people's livelihood.
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