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Green food is done become strong stage greatly

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Northeast net breaths out Er together together report will let green food walk into large chain supermarket on August 29, supermarket of have the aid of is popularized extensively, already became a when green food develops feasible way. This afternoon, the reporter visited Wo Erma to breath out Er branch together together with respect to this one problem on a special trip relevant controller.

Regard the whole world as the biggest chain shopkeeper, at present Woerma already opened many 80 market in home, and the principle that their management holds to this locality to purchase from beginning to end, the development of stimulative place economy. This one principle offerred necessary business chance for the development of food of our city green. Controller of fertile Er Ma introduces, the business that produces green food needs to have the requirement such as attestation of bill of food licence, value added tax and green food label only, the quality that accords with Woerma controls a standard, can undertake exchanging views with Woerma, coact. Wo Erma also is adjusting commodity structure ceaselessly, strive for a large number of introducing food of this locality green. The green provision that enters Woerma can interlink inn through each district between recommend each other, move toward an other place, obtain vaster development space.

Current, the our city already had a variety of 100 green food that green food marks, great majority did not enter large supermarket. According to Woerma chief is analysed, main reason is food of our city green consciousness of famous brand of manufacturing company shortage and do do strong consciousness greatly, lack the butt joint with large supermarket, because of this incur loss through delay develop business chance. And Woerma hopes to be able to produce business from food more as large chain supermarket money is offerred directly in the hand, it is service of crane city common people better inside bilateral and reasonable profit space, promote the rapid development of both sides and crane city economy better.

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