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Food security information is public show a system to appear on a supermarket

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A form code of scanning food, can know whether this kind of food issues a ” in “ . On August 7 morning, the inn of drum-tower of Beijing content beautiful supermarket of Yu Miyun of v/arc be on the throne, beijing information of security of first “ food is public show systematic ” to appear, it is reported, this system will be in whole town stage by stage henceforth the promotion in big supermarket.

Information of “ food security is public show systematic ” to feel screen to establish in the supermarket clear position. Mr Liu that just bought the food such as banger, convenient cover piles up a form of food after scanning through the scanner, the content such as the name of food, norms, monovalent, manufacturer home shows immediately go up in feeling screen. According to introducing, this fair showed a system to basically store the ” of “ credit information of food, include to issue a food list, manufacturer to retreat city list, restore to sell list, consumer can retrieve freely. In the meantime, through inputting the key word of food name, can retrieve an all food that accord with a condition automatically to put on record data

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