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Development reforms appoint official: Flesh of 0 profit carry out should be not

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Hair change appoint remind each district to stablize prices to should carry normal flow of goods; The price violates behavior to will increase amerce strength.

National hair changes appoint vice director of department of price supervisory examination is full-blown flower with Zhou Wangjun of price department vice director yesterday (28 days) net of government of China of be a guest. Zhou Wangjun warns each district government, it is normal to should notice to carry market goods when method of use adjusting control current.

Policy of base oneself upon of prices adjusting control is revulsive

To 0 profit of Chongqing city made work a few days ago fleshy activity, zhou Wangjun expresses, “ government to enterprise or businessman behavior of flesh of 0 profit carry out can appeal, but cannot enforce ” .

In fleshy price tall setting issues even innovation, agreement of 151 supermarkets of Chongqing city begins “ from August 10 ” of 0 benefit flesh acts, it is normal that the catchword at that time is not returned to for “ flesh price, absolutely not withdraw troops ” . However nearly two days come, because loss is severe, partial supermarket already removed next “ placard of ” of 0 benefit flesh, chongqing town business appoint the appeal says, contradiction of pork supply and demand did not alleviate, action of ” of 0 benefit flesh still needs “ continuously.

Zhou Wangjun expresses is the “ that hears of Chongqing for the first time ” of 0 benefit flesh acts, although business of “ Chongqing town appoint idea is first-rate ” , but “ still has measure of a few form a complete set to want to solve it seems that, otherwise this kind of thing is very bad abiding ” . Business of town of Chongqing of Zhou Wangjun proposal appoint can pass proper derate the adjusting control method such as industrial and commercial cost, market control cost, make operator profitable.

Compare with Chongqing photograph, the practice of Hangzhou more hair change appoint be approbated. Hangzhou already will begin activity of flesh of small profit carry out July, particular way is a government to be expended to cost of operator derate market control, industrial and commercial administration fee, stall. After 3 cost derate, municipal government asks operator controls sale porky profit in small profit level, price of pork of after this Hangzhou falls every jins a Qian Zun is right. Zhou Wangjun says, the government publishs management privilege condition, at the same time requirement operator executes small profits strategy to stablize the practice of the price, “ the ” that we are affirmation.

The price breaks the law increase chasten strength

Rise in price in coordination in convenient cover industry incident is sent change appoint after investigating, already many legal personage states the price is in charge of a branch to investigate the price to collude with publicly, the legal laws and regulations that fools case of raise up the price is not quite perfect still.
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