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Meeting program schedules safe summit of the 3rd current provision

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Support an unit: Market of Department of Commerce moves adjust department
Sponsor an unit: China interlinks management association
Assistance unit: Open benefit refrigerant - China

One, meeting theme: Supply catenary and food safety
2, time: On April 12 - 14 days
3, place: The home of Beijing worker (4 stars)
4, specific special topic: Macroscopical situation, purchase with segment of motion of battalion of content shedding, spot
5, conference program arrangement:

On April 12 morning:
The delegate reports for duty 9:00-12:00
10:0 of conference of interior of food safety commission0-12:00

On April 12 afternoon:
The food safety of inn of the first door operates visiting TESCO Beijing flow 1:30-3:00
Visiting Beijing arranges Xin to give birth to little thing to shed treatment to deserve to send a center 3:00-5:30

On April 13 morning:
Special subject one: Macroscopical situation 9:00-12:00
Topic for discussion:
Market of Department of Commerce of —— of ● opening speech moves adjust department Director Fang Aiqing
The government sector is raising ● efforts of aspect of safety of our country food
—— country is industrial and commercial director of material of beautiful of Teng of bureau of protection of rights and interests of total bureau consumer
—— country pledges food of check total bureau produces superintendency department a surname to build smooth director
The current situation of safety of food of current domain of ● our country and chain of trend —— China manage association Guo dagger to make the same score chairman
● crosses a state the Mai Delong of —— of experience of food safety administration of retail business is advanced vice-president Mr Lv Guoman
● England food supplies safety of the food on catenary newest development trend
Chairman of board of association of sanitation of —— England environment (CIEH) Stephen Young
● is contemporary and current courtyard of farming division of current —— China teachs means and produce to decide extensive region why
● promulgates food safety but chain of China of —— of report of date from investigation and study runs association

On April 13 afternoon:
Special subject 2: Purchase content shedding to put lay aside to make the food safety 1:3 of link0-5:30
Topic for discussion:
● produces the win-win —— of business and shopkeeper to produce production business
Terminal market is in ● the effort that assures to supply catenary food safety to go up Zhao Erlie of general manager of center of produce of 8 lis of bridges of —— Beijing
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