Feed the chickling that just gave case with yoke milk powder bad

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The country has many raising gallinaceous door, like to use the egg that thoroughly cook or milk powder to feed the chickling that just caught. Reason is chicken eats yoke, milk powder to have nutrition, the chickling grows quickly strongly, yoke feeds chicken to unplug dry, ate to fill abdomen, not have loose bowels, prevent disease already, nutrient value tall. Actually, these purposes were not achieved. Still bring certain harm instead, it is a kind of very unscientific practice.

Just gave the chickling of housing, digestive function is weak, with the high protein such as egg milk powder qualitative feed feeds chicken indigestible, regular meeting is caused unusual ferment, eat much appear easily go up the defect of craw or have loose bowels. More important is high protein qualitative feed is overmuch, especially breed is onefold, pure the utilization rate that feeds the growth rate that can lower chickling and feed. Chicken grows badly, development suffocate suffocate. Time grows, the liver that can bring about chicken, kidney, splenomegaly and dead. It is to crossed much protein to accentuate hepatic decompose and the burden be caused by that the kidney excretes.

In fact, feed overmuch protein feed, get rid of use up, part of its the rest, when save up is inside gallinaceous body and supply chicken will need henceforth, can not employ again, do not have this kind of effect at all, transform invalidly however for carbohydrate, combustion gives off heat energy and disappear, and can be a kind of waste only. Accordingly, feed overmuch protein feed, it is harmful and profitless. Price of besides protein feed tall, of ” of small effect of high cost of this kind of “ feed a law, it is a kind of buying and selling that sustain losses in business, the loss outweights the gain. Should change this kind of incorrect way.

Chickling grows growth is rapid, need feeds energy, protein, mineral as good as the much breed such as the vitamin, quality, nutrition is rich, easy feed of digestive total value, and in proportion reasonable collocation, grow in order to satisfy chickling the real need of development. Cannot want to feed what to feed what, cannot be fed more casually more or feed less, also cannot change feed suddenly. Should the basis is the physiology characteristic of chickling, different grow the utility of level, diverse demand and chicken, use existing feed resource to undertake reasonable feed deserves to compare. Want those who use science to raise administrative method at the same time, it is normal to assure chicken development, health grows. Just can realize bad news expect little, yield is high thereby, cost the end with low, high benefit

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