Egg chicken produces egg fastigium how to manage afterwards

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One, decrease appropriately makings fall use up. When chicken group after height yield an egg passes, when laying rate has downtrend, can undertake decreasing expecting appropriately, use up in order to reduce feed. The method is: Decrease by every chicken day makings 2.2 grams, watch 3—4 day, it is normal to see laying rate drop (drop every week normally 1 % —2 % ) , it is normal to be like, can decrease 1—2 gram again; If still shape of as good as, still can decrease 3 grams again, such both neither influences produce an egg, can reduce feed to use up again, prevent gallinaceous body to cross fertilizer, reduce moulting and the amount with respect to mew hen. If produce an egg,the volume drops normally more than speed, must restore raise to lest reduce manufacturing performance,feed a volume instantly. Carry out a proof, decrease stuff is ordinary the 4—6 week after answering to pass in height yield an egg, laying rate relatively fastigium drops it is advisable to undertake when 4 % —6 % .
2, cent season rises fall feed nutrition. Laying hen ration especially nutrition of ration of laying hen later period should change according to differring seasonally. When summertime air temperature is high, answer to reduce energy feed appropriately, vitamin C complements in the meantime; Winter air temperature under 10 ℃ when, want to increase energy feed appropriately, and reduce albumen feed, add the makings that feed bead.
3, the content of the calcium in increasing feed appropriately and vitamin D3. After height yield an egg passes, chorion character often very poor, the rate that break an egg increases. Be in daily afternoon 3—4 o'clock, additional in feed add conch limestone of arenaceous or thick bead, can strengthen nightly the intensity that forms chorion, change chorion character effectively. Add vitamin D3 to be able to promote the absorption of calcic phosphor.
4, add appropriately should stimulate alleviate agent. The chicken with older age, correspondence stimulates an element to often become particularly sensitive. When chicken group suffer when should stimulating an element to affect, the amber acid salt of 60PPM can be added in feed, feed 3 weeks repeatedly; Or join vitamin C1 milligram by every kilograms of feed, and the vitamin K3 of double dose, effectively slow down should be stimulated.
5, add chloridize choline appropriately. The chloridize choline that adds % of 0.1 % —0.15 in feed prevents egg chicken effectively fat with generation fatty liver, because choline conduces to the adipose movement inside blood.
6, the illumination that keeps enough. Daily illumination time should hold 16—17 hour, lux of illumination intensity 15—20, can lengthen produce egg period, carry high yield egg to lead 5 % —8 % .
7, wash out low yield chicken appropriately. To raise laying rate, reduce feed to use up, should fall into disuse in time to often rest to yield chicken, weight crosses serious offence fertilizer or cross the chicken of the chicken with thin peccadillo, ill incomplete chicken and moulting of premature stop production.
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