"Herd raises Qinghai of gallinaceous " open up to connect a county to raise gall

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In Qinghai the province opens uncultivated land of countryside of prefectural green hill greatly in the meadow of village and area of the mountain in town of scene this world and forest zone, growing many 2000 Huang Yu's fryer, their from time to time is collected eat green grass, from time to time is collected feed the insect, from time to time mutual angle, sunshine of bath of perch of from time to time, this is the “ herd with my arisen county raises gallinaceous ” .

“ herd raises gallinaceous ” is a kind of kind that has raising to high grade fryer with the means that depasture, use commonly give priority to in order to put in a suitable place to breed it is in order to raise complementary raise kind. Good in the environment, pollute little area, at appropriate age paragraph, let what the fryer passes a paragraph depasture after raising, make its flesh pledges gust happening changes. Depasture the condition is reduced not only raise density, improvement the its microenvironment, healthy quality that improves chicken, and the carry momentum that still adds chicken, make muscle of its whole body gets exercise, improve sarcous quality thereby, can reduce makings flesh to compare, reduce raise to raise cost, depasture at the same time make chicken can be collected feeding green grass, insect, careless seed, sand is good Chinese herbal medicine even, can fill admissibility is much more microbial with microelement, make chicken quality is able to rise.

“ herd raises gallinaceous ” to come loose unlike farmer raise, be being raised to be being changed at intensive is a newly emerging things for mode, in natural meadow or artificial grass field and village open type this kind partly those who raise pattern is arisen with development, for me prefectural aquaculture takes the route that green zoology breeds, the way that development can last has active sense.

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