The environmental element influence to egg chicken and control technology

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Sunshade drops in temperature. The sunshade that improves henhouse, ventilated design with heat insolation, can install shade of fanner, water to wait drop in temperature equipment, the establish cirrus greenery such as grape, calabash, towel gourd is grown all round henhouse, can harvest melon and fruit already, sunshade my light, the result is favorable.
Microtherm environment is controlled
Strengthen management of henhouse door window. Intake is added set wind scoop, door window hangs shade, block severe wall hole and aperture up, avoid wicked wind to invade.
Install heating equipment. Miniature chicken field can use heater, a wall with flues for space heating, flue more the practice that saves fund; Field of more large-scale chicken can use the concentration such as water, steam, report heating, if hot-blast stove, water is warm furnace, report is warm implement wait for heating equipment.
Adjust ration structure and raise to feed time. Below microtherm ambient conditions, gallinaceous body heat energy is used up big, answer to increase the proportion of heat energy feed appropriately; Winter day short night is long, should increase nightly filling raise.
Adopt increase appropriately raise density, much matting to keep clear of carelessly, in time mucky make water, reduce management to maintain the temperature inside henhouse with the measure such as water. Use plastic big canopy henhouse, it is to resist the effective method of freezing low temperature.
(3) illumination control. Winter day short night is long, illumination time is short. It is the time that increases chicken to bask appropriately by day, in order to promote the synthesis of D3, the absorption of path of stimulative chicken bowel to calcic phosphor, make sure place yield an egg needs to reach skeletal normal growth. 2 it is nightly fill according to, facilitating chicken is collected feed, increase nutrition. Chickling just went out before housing 3 days to need illumination 24 hours, illuminance is lux of 5 lux ~10 (the incandescent lamp suspension that 40W has reflection to overspread is in 2 meters of altitude, the illumination intensity inside limits of 15 square metre is 10 lux, wattage of use fluorescent lamp can fall the 1/3 to incandescent lamp) . Follow day age to increase, illumination time drop off, reduce ~2 hour 1.5 hours everyday, 8 hours maintain after arriving the 15th day, illuminance falls to be controlled for 5 lux. 18 Zhou Ling hind draw near produce egg period, illumination time should increase to hour of 15 hours of ~16 gradually, illuminance restores to be 10 lux.
Harmful gas is controlled
Source of cleared and harmful gas. Reasonable design clear dung discharges water system all, clear in time mucky make water, utmost ground shortens the saving of mucky make water inside henhouse time, it is to reduce abandon inside harmful gas pH indicator is main method.
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