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Chicken of farmer feed bavin adopts open mode to make the same score more raise, create feed waste very easily, the following measure is adopted to be able to prevent feed waste effectively in producing a course.

Science chooses makings chamfer or makings bucket, because come loose,reasonable control raise feeds a volume the chicken that raise bavin eats when makings easy jam, constant makings chamfer or makings bucket overturn, create feed waste, it is good to because this is fed in raise,expect the bucket is fixed, its agree highly with gallinaceous back highly, and the amount wants increase somewhat appropriately. Every time quantity of feed in raw material is not overmuch, the 1 / that increases makings chamfer or makings bucket size 3 can, it is advisable that with chicken 40 minutes eat. Daily cent 4 feed in raw material, feed more when summertime Ying Zaiqing is early, cool in the evening, when air temperature is high midday feed less.

Scientific burden, reduce feed cost to use resource of this locality raw material, in assure next choosing to raise the premise with changeless standard cheap raw material, with reducing feed cost effectively, can dregs of rice with cake for example kind of raw material substitute partial fish meal, or dregs of rice with sesame seed cake, earthnut, dish dregses of rice replace partial beans to dregs of rice etc.

The chicken that falls into disuse in time not to accord with standard chicken not to accord with a standard is to show ill, weak, incomplete is individual the hen that reachs low yield or stop production. Besides, wash out redundant cock even in time.

Scientific custodial feed deposits the storeroom of feed and raw material to answer dry, ventilated, prevent feed happening mildew to change. A few purchasing should need for many times according to production when purchasing raw material, reduce the time of raw material keep in storage as far as possible, produce mildew in order to prevent its to change. Additional, prevent rat to kill even, the bird is killed, reduce needless waste.

The temperature of environmental temperature environment that keeps appropriate is helpful for chicken not only aptly group healthy, and can raise chicken group feed pay, reduce feed wastage.

Break rostellum in time, fixed worm is adopted break the measure such as rostellum, fixed worm in time to also can reduce feed waste effectively. Author: Zhu Ankai

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