"Project fly " the technology that raise chicken year cut down expense 100 thous

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Raise fly to lay eggs, oviparous maggot, does maggot feed chicken, had seen not? If had not seen, ask Shao Yang the fowl-run of Tang Zhonghua of village of small stream of water of towns of prefectural pond cropland goes looking. ” of fly of project of this kind of “ raises gallinaceous technology annual but managing the cost of 100 thousand yuan of above!

Tang Zhonghua of 42 years old begins to raise chicken from 1993 this year, in the career of 14 years that raise chicken, he has given a name twice. Was 2002 he is judged to be complete province science and technology to set an example door. 10 thousand yuan bonus is to let a person envy a period of time very, but it is transitory only. Because of his technology that raise chicken and ordinary person as good as, did not produce big social beneficial result so. He gave a name again this year: ” of his “ project fly raises gallinaceous technology to push him to Hunan to defend inspect " evening " cavalcade of special type breed aquatics. Between one night, his technology that raise chicken spread everywhere to his name along with the whole nation. What following sb's heels and come is kind of chicken order that comes from far and near, have too many visitors or business to deal with, demand exceeds supply.

According to Introduction Tang Zhonghua, he raises chicken 14 years, got those who press down credit agency support energetically. This year, he falls in help of credit agency loan, build those who removed 8000 square metre to raise maggot fowl-run, if produce maggot now,60 jins are controlled, be expected to break through 200 jins to the end of the year. Press current market level and maggot crop, feed chicken with maggot this one, can save feed cost every year for him 100 thousand yuan of above. Additional, all sorts of nutrition part that place of a jin of maggot contains are equivalent to 100 jins of feed, force of the chicken feather lubricious burnish that feeds with maggot especially, disease-resistant is powerful, the flesh has pledged, volume yield an egg is high, no matter chicken is mixed,the egg is popular commodities.

Countryside adjacent does not forget after Tang Zhonghua becomes rich, it is entire county early or late many 50 raise gallinaceous door to provide technical service freely, realized his “ rich everybody earns, blessing is enjoyed jointly, the promise that goes straight towards comparatively well-off ” hand in hand, be judged to be good client by town credit agency for many times.

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