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” of “ avian flu, foot-and-mouth disease, in last few years, the name of these animal epidemic disease already became people familiar to the ear can the term of detailed, ill epidemic situation of pig blue ear caused the public more recently the attention to animal epidemic disease.

On August 30, standing committee of National People's Congress of 10 whole nations the 29th times the conference votes passed law of animal epidemic prevention to edit case. Of new law publish hopeful epidemic prevention of animal of farther aggrandizement our country works.

Law of new animal epidemic prevention retained former way to the animal limit, show cattle fowl is mixed namely raise artificially, the other animal that captures legally. Yang Jingyu of committee member of chairman of committee of law of countrywide National People's Congress says, the “ that new code decides raises animal ” to include pet, law also applies to pet to the regulation of animal epidemic prevention.

When —— of the force that monitor undertakes the risk judges make allowance for, aggrandizement precaution announces epidemic situation

Code of new animal epidemic prevention is decided, the regulation of government of prefectural class above according to the State Council, the foundation makes overall plans, the principle that sets equitable distribution, integratedly builds animal epidemic disease to prevent control orgnaization, assume animal epidemic disease monitor, diagnose, the technique such as report of epidemiology investigation, epidemic situation and other precaution, control works.

Vet of the State Council is in charge of a branch to want to undertake a risk evaluate to state of animal epidemic disease, enact measure of precaution of corresponding animal epidemic disease, control according to evaluating a result. Vet of the State Council is in charge of a branch to be in charge of announcing countrywide animal epidemic situation in time to the society, also can save according to needing authorization, branch of director of veterinarian of government of people of municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government announces the animal epidemic situation inside area of politics of one's own profession. New law makes clear a regulation on the foundation of original legislation, any units and individual must not hide the truth from epidemic situation of animal of newspaper, give false information, late newspaper, fail to report sth.
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