Nanjing is about to change fowl " the factory is changed " breed mode

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[does Nanjing daily report] our newspaper " can you make careless chicken raise a level? " after the report appears in the newspaper the day before yesterday, caused the resonance of numerous reader. “ chicken tastes not sweet, stew a chicken old far smell the perception with popular delicacy was done not have. Many ” citizens plaint two days this so when phone and reporter communication. The reporter learned from concerned branch yesterday, the our city will breed executive green zoology mode henceforth, fowl from basket in “ emancipatory ” comes out, grow in the environment of adjacent and natural condition, with raising its the flesh pledges.

Current, chicken tastes not sweet, the mainest reason, it is “ factory changes pattern of ” breed aquatics, circle of ” of type of force-feed duck of the “ in letting fowl basket is raised, completely cut off at natural condition.

Natural life-span of chicken is 7 years, but, “ factory changes the fryer growth period that ” raises artificially to have 7 weeks only. From the chickling a carapace keeps feeding them with respect to ground of type of ” of “ force-feed duck, and let them be in the narrow coop of extreme difference of complete darkness, wholesome condition grow, although such, chicken is in impossibly also weak point blossom inside 49 days the carnivorous finished product that can offer person edible. Accordingly, grow the hormone, antibiotic indispensable “ additive ” in becoming gallinaceous feed.

Nowadays, ” fryer farm is turned in factory of a few “ , feed and chicken are than deciding clearly 2: 1, namely two kilograms of feed grow a kilogram of chicken. The where that “ person eats is chicken, it is feed simply, doing not have fragrance also is of course. ” says about the personage.

Vet of pasturage of city aricultural bureau grows Gu Chengbiao to say everywhere, grow according to cultivate birds the rule, prey to approach natural state more, yue Xiangnong of its flesh flavour. Average in about a year just takes out the careless chicken that farmer tradition raises to sell, fleshy flavour nature is very thick. Green zoology breeds, want to let fowl undertake raising below adjacent and natural condition namely. On capacious farm meadow, make fowl active search feed, have some of green grass, insect, food grains other than wheat and rice, is not the compound feed that eats configuration. Raise personnel to cannot have the raise of ” of type of “ force-feed duck to its more.

Gu Chengbiao says, whole town fowl breeds base to have about a hundred, rasorial market demand is bigger also, let all enterprises impossibly change “ factory to change pattern of ” breed aquatics at a draught. Henceforth, the our city will carry the kind that the model drives, guide actively breed base to breed change to green zoology stage by stage. First pilot base, preliminary set for Nanjing reddish brown birds course of study breeds a company surely.
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