How to give egg chicken water supply

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Water is the source of life of everythings on earth, all life activities leave not boiled water. Give gallinaceous water supply, especially laying hen water supply has knowledge more.

One, of egg chicken water quantity. Usually, every chicken everyday water requirement is: Winter is 110 milliliter left and right sides, the summer is 280 milliliter left and right sides, spring, autumn is controlled for 200 milliliter. When laying rate is elevatory, water requirement also increases subsequently. Because at this moment chicken produces an egg exuberant, metabolization is strengthened, form an egg to need moisture not only, and increase as what chicken feed measures, water requirement also increases gradually. Accordingly, in chicken fastigium yield an egg wants special attention water supply works, otherwise, will affect its directly health and amount yield an egg.

2, of egg chicken water time. Chicken has everyday appear 3 times to water fastigium, namely everyday in the morning at 8 o'clock, midday at 12 o'clock, controlled at 6 o'clock afternoon. Of chicken water time is mostly inside illumination time. Controlled at 8 o'clock in the morning, chicken begins to accept illumination (sunlight or lamplight) ; Controlled at 12 o'clock midday, it is the rush hour that chicken produces an egg, the hen is produced after be finished, more moisture is used up inside body, feel very thirsty should drink water; Controlled at 6 o'clock afternoon, illumination time is about to end, preparation is entered begin to rest in the evening, chicken should drink enough water to go up with benefit evening reserve inside body. If laying hen is inside these 3 fastigium needing water,do not drink water to perhaps drink insufficient water, gallinaceous yield egg and health come out with respect to very can fast performance.

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