The nutrition of duck needs to reach feed recipe

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About the nutrient demand of duck, still exploring in succession at present, have not formulate gives curium mend with cramps to raise a level. Because each district raises duck condition and feed resource presence bigger difference, use 9 recipes impossibly applicably at any areas. Differ according to fleshy duck, egg duck now period nutrition needs to recommend a watch, introduce example of recipe of a few feed, use in order to offer reference, drive to put ley, hold the post of its to be collected freely feed. Comfortable depasture at having crop hollowness ley. Time depasture law. Time everyday depasture 6 times, every time 3 hours. Comfortable at be in scattered small ground depastures every time cannot make duck group too fatigue, should notice to rest. Duck should let after depasturing every time group wash bath adequately, manage does feather, get rest adequately.
Master weather situation at any time, prevent thunderstorm to cause duck group loss, at the same time the attention puts ley sanitation and do not damage crop seedling. The circle is abandoned raise. The circle is abandoned raise do not give priority to in order to depasture namely, and with be in duck is abandoned inside raise the method that give priority to. This kind of method is OK and factitious the ground controls ambient conditions, suffer nature to restrict an element little, benefit raises duck at science, can reduce contagion happening opportunity and the happening of toxic, contingency at the same time. All sorts of nurture that the circle abandons raised duck to should furnish to be perfected amply are qualitative, especially skeletal, feather grows needs nutrient material must be satisfied. Yo cooperates to answer into the feed of duck according to growing growth pattern take into consideration the circumstances is made, mix according to different breed raise a goal, adopt proper limitation to raise, increase proportion of green, coarse fodder, right amount join animal sex feed, absorb with promoting feed to digest.
Become in Yo period every duck needs formula feed about 3 kilogram, every day and night is fed 6 times, every time raise feeds time interval as far as possible equal. Product uses powdery makings to mix more wet feed, make sure cleanness waters ceaseless. The circle is abandoned when raising, should notice on management into duck according to season and Yo individual size has mastered reasonable density. Assure 1 into period end with Yo commonly rice can. Additional, should notice to strengthen campaign appropriately, grow in order to promote skeletal, muscle, had prevented fertilizer, enhance a constitution. The method is to time everyday abandon in the circle inside drive do turn a motion, every time 23 minutes, days move 4 times, also can abandon a playground in the circle or around place drives motion. Yo Cheng Jiguang is illuminated need to assure 3 hours everyday, nightly should maintain weak light from beginning to end, the intensity with 3 tile rice is advisable, if treat power failure, should complement in time candle power.
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