The compulsive moulting that when undertakes chicken reachs his to notice matter

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In practice of the production that raise chicken, use fixed number of year to extend gallinaceous production, what overcome natural moulting to go up in time is dilatory, and moulting speed not orderly, laying rate quality of low, chorion is inconsistent wait for a phenomenon. People often feeds administrative system through the change, cast feed the method; such as chemical material or inject hormone to make gallinaceous metabolism disorder, nutrition is supplied interrupt, and make chicken group synchronous moulting, synchronism produces an egg afresh. So, when be versed in into the pedestrian compulsive moulting reachs his to concern an attention matters concerned, want to raising gallinaceous production to be weighed particularly, show brief introduction to be as follows:
One, artificial and compulsive moulting falls in following case commonly undertake
1. Hen the first produce per year an egg very good, surviving rate very tall, hate to part with fall into disuse, want to continued to use second year, economic Yo becomes fare.
2. Kind of chicken that purchases at high price, stem from economically consideration, want to continue to use.
3. Mothball chicken group epidemic situation produced into level in brood, Yo, caused significant loss, threw into confusion manufacturing plan, succeed does not have chicken, be forced to continue to use old chicken group.
4. Gallinaceous source is nervous, recourse helpless or the time that offer chicken is too late, to make full use of henhouse, increase income.
5. The egg supplies insecurity, egg price tall, execute compulsive moulting, increase income and the integral plan that does not affect gallinaceous field.
6. Designedly chooses large chicken field take chicken of one part high yield and group continue to use, reduce Yo to become gallinaceous expense, achieve add stop the aim that cut down expense.
2, the actor defect that executes artificial and compulsive moulting to chicken
1. The advantage of artificial and compulsive moulting: Compare with natural moulting photograph, it is moulting period can shorten 1 ~ 2 months; 2 it is the laying rate after compulsive moulting than natural moulting group tall, produce an egg to also compare orderly; 3 it is the egg increases again, chorion quality rises, the damaged rate of the egg is reduced.
2. The defect of artificial and compulsive moulting: Although artificial and compulsive moulting reduced Yo to become fare, but want the first when laying rate compares young chicken or use year a few lower, produce egg period short also weight of chicken of 5 months; increases 3 ~ , feed bad news holds time with quality of taller; chorion very not long; may make the henhouse of gallinaceous field, equipment and labor are used unreasonable etc.
3, the matters concerned that artificial and compulsive moulting needs to notice
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