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Indulge in wilful persecution of blue green alga of Liu Hu berth of the home in 2007, the immediate cause that produces La Zao is the eutrophication of water system. The rich nutrition of water system comes from pollution, people often is look focusing on industrial pollution source, and ignored agriculture, especially the aquaculture pollution to the environment. Intensive changes stock raising is the fundamental property that contemporary mankind Lai Yisheng is put and develops, come to what our country intensive changes the development of aquaculture advance rapidly to become rural economics nearly 20 years revitalized the addition with farmer income to make enormous contribution. Agriculture of a few north saves stock raising to production value has been achieved or exceed 50% of agricultural total production value greatly, occupational the half of country of rural economics. Development stock raising already made the first selection item that farmer get rich becomes rich, current, the quantum of output of our country flesh, egg, aquatic product already ranked just a little of world. But the benefit that if just see the rapid progress of stock raising,brings, and oversight aquaculture is fecal the menace of day of beneficial aggravate that searchs environmental pollution to form, cause the serious consequence that is hard to administer then, offer as a gift kill boundless. Accordingly, cannot exchange the heavy full figure of animal produce for cost with sacrificial environment again absolutely, and should adopt be on guard integratedly achieve the goal that breeds benefit and environmental protection benefit to hold concurrently.

1The pollution that breeds pair of environments is shocking

According to statistic, countrywide cultivate birds is fecal it is 3.19 billion T every year about, the expert predicts to will achieve 4.5 billion T 2010, it is 3.2 times of litter of countrywide industry solid body. Fecal COD gross exceeds cultivate birds far of trash of industrial solid body and COD of life liquid waste discharge gross. According to determining, one raises the fowl-run of 100 thousand chicken, produce gallinaceous dung 10t everyday, produce per year gallinaceous dung many tons 3600; A day of 1000 pig farm discharges 10t of mucky make water, year 3600t of the make water that discharge dung, water produces sewage 30t to clear dung day, year blowdown water many tons 10 thousand. These dung contain 31~56t of 9t of ammoniac 30~40t, nitrogen, phosphor in make water. If processing is undeserved, these contamination not only cause pollution to atmosphere, and also cause serious pollution to soil and water quality.
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