Raise egg chicken group the main measure of uniformity

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The 1.7 consistency that break rostellum are poor
Break rostellum abhorrent cause chickling to water, collect feed speed differ, special planting chicken is restricted the meeting after raise reduces uniformity. Must strengthen the unity that operates a standard to stopping rostellum staff, bad to breaking rostellum have crop appropriately.
1.8 hive off, attune group not seasonable
Hive off, move group of significant steps that are control uniformity. Must decide according to taking measured uniformity case whether hive off, commonly brood period is divided 1 times, yo becomes period cent 1—2 second, 2 times hive off interval is 4 weeks of ability at least effective. Move group of auxiliary steps that are hive off, it is a routine, tone group do so that can reduce hive off number very much.
1.9 diseases
Any diseases all can affect chicken badly group uniformity, especially respiratory tract is affected but from during carrying, begin to endanger chickling namely, the chicken that raises different age in same chicken field group, the opportunity of gallinaceous go to the bad can increase greatly. Although chicken group in only 20% come on, group inside other chicken still can get inferior the harm of clinical disease. Prevent overweight to treat, should execute only enter completely go out completely make, take live thing safety precaution, good nutrition and ventilated, most disease can get precautionary.
2 raise egg chicken group the main measure of uniformity
During breed, should obtain healthy and even, weight to amount to the chicken with mark, tall uniformity group, except do well disinfection of environment of henhouse inside and outside, creation is appropriate chicken group grow of development relatively safe live environment, according to chicken group not contemporaneous weight is mixed body condition supply is different outside recipe feed, hive off management is to breed healthy and even, weight to amount to the chicken with mark, tall uniformity group significant step.

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