Raise egg chicken group the main measure of uniformity

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The process is bred in egg chicken in, uniformity is to measure mothball chicken group a of quality main production target. Breed an accord with to add up to the chicken with weight standard, tall uniformity group, had reduced the amount of fat chicken and thin chickling already, avoided feed again wasteful, reduced mortality, still can make chicken group reach peak yield an egg on time, peak value is high and smooth, duration is long. According to concerning data report, on the foundation of 70% uniformity, every raise uniformity 3% , average every chicken is productive 4 eggs. Breed in egg chicken it is thus clear that period, raising uniformity is one of basic measure that raise Yo to become chicken.
1 make chicken group the main factor that uniformity reduces
1.1 breed or strain are impure
This is congenital, strengthen extract ability to change in breeding respect only. Breed of a few specialization or strain its uniformity often taller, and Yinjipin plants chicken of a few loess or the mutation inside strain is big and uniformity is a few lower.
1.2 chickling are inchoate dehydration
The 70% above of chickling weight are water, the reason of inchoate dehydrate basically is hatch plant goes cheeper to operate undeserved, had watered the line-haul when late or chickling weather is torrid. This meeting reduces his inchoate weight, can see weight uniformity drops inside 1—2d. Should be an invariable quantity in the watering trough measure that provides inside original 4—5h commonly 150% one 200% , fodder is supplied again later.
1.3 brood temperature is undeserved
Chickling does not have feather, have nap only, the temperature of incontrollable oneself, very easy catch a cold catch a cold, thereby jam makes lot even have loose bowels and do not eat feed, cause inchoate weight uniformity to drop.
1.4 ventilated and undesirable
Brood abandons the waste gas inside to want seasonable eduction, introduce the fresh air of full amount at the same time, otherwise its respiratory tract can be injured badly, cause respiratory tract infection easily. Chickling is sensitive to airy degree is differ, more sensitive chicken can get more serious harm. Accordingly must seasonable and ventilated take a breath, but should have handled the relation with heat preservation.
1.5 feed quality not beautiful
Make sure feed quality must accomplish at 4 o'clock: All sorts of the feed grain with the raw material of scientific feed recipe, qualitative actor, proper size, raw material mix even. With assuming office He Huan section gave a problem to be able to cause ration nutrition lopsided, appear to be collected optionally feed happen in order to cause a disease, serious effect chicken group uniformity.
1.6 chicken group too crowded
Jam is raised is a kind of shortsighted practice. This meeting causes chickling space of mutual loot life, contend for grab the makings chamfer and watering trough, fresh air that reduces every chickling to be able to be obtained. Thereby weaker chickling is met fall victim. Jam still causes chickling to should be stimulated, the accrete coliform organisms in its bowel path rises with respect to meeting fit, cause complex disease, if chronic respiratory tract is ill,wait. These all can affect chicken group uniformity.
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