Fleshy goose law of two months of fast fatten

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Fleshy goose grows before 60 day age growth is rapidder, absolutely weightening finish is tall, later as day age increase day of weightening finish to drop, bad news makings and cost raise. Accordingly, fleshy goose is raised sell economic benefits to 60 day age highest. Here, introduce fleshy goose 60 days especially age fast fatten law:   
One, the choice of cheeper goose.   
Choice bodily form is big, grow fast, be able to bear or endure the fleshy goose breed of thick raise. Cheeper goose should react acute, lively, yolk is absorbed 1 contract with umbilical ministry good.   
2, brood period management.   
Brood room temperature is spent, 5 day age are 1 ~ 28 ~ 32cc, 15 day age are 6 ~ 28 ℃ of 25 ~ , maintain after 16 day age in 18 ~ 20 ℃ ; Humidity control is in 60 % of 50 % ~ ; Raise density every square metre 8 ~ 12. Cheeper goose is leaving before feeding, should water first, every 100 milliliter add vitamin of C of 5 milliliter vitamin, 6 milliliter to bend over in the potassium permanganate water of 0.05 % , 5 grams dextrose, make goose drinkable, undertake alvine path is disinfected. Scatter the dish leaf of dissect on plastic cloth next, attract cheeper goose to collect feed. Cheeper goose 2 ~ 4 day age, feed 4 ~ 5 times by day, nightly feed 2 times; 5 ~ 10 day age, feed 6 times by day, nightly feed 2 times; 20 day age can increase 11 ~ a few depasture time, raise feeds a frequency to be able to decrease by day 4 ~ 5, nightly 2; 21 ~ 30 day age, feed 3 ~ 4 times by day, nightly feed 1 times. Can lengthen later put receive time, decrease appropriately feed makings frequency.   
3, 30 days of age goose are raised.   
The goose of 30 day age should complement product, before depasturing everyday satiate; General everyday every fill only feed formula feed 200 grams of 100 ~ , formula feed and rough stuff scale are 2:8. Formula feed should add water to mix work partly half wet feed goose again.   
4, fast fatten law.   
When 40 day age, goose weight can amount to 2 kilogram left and right sides. 40 day age begin the intensity fatten that undertakes 20 days, goose weight can amount to 4 kilogram above, achieve appear on the market norms. Intensity fatten can adopt the following method:   
1, law of the fatten that abandon raise: Raise goose in the light darker abandon inside, restrict its to move, mix the formula feed that contains a lot ofcarbohydrate wet, place 3 hour hind to feed goose, feed 3 times by day, supply enough water, add everyday feed night 1 times to feed.   
2, the circle fosters fat law: Goose is raised inside column, do not depasture restrict its to move, feed diversification, feed 5 times by day, nightly feed 1 times.   
3, law of the fatten that fill raise: Formula feed of will high energy adds rub of right amount water to become thick 1 ~ 1. 5 centimeters, the strip that grows 6 centimeters, in the esophagus that fills person goose artificially. The left hand when filling carries goose head, make goose mouth is stretched, double genu clips goose body, the right hand takes feed to dip in to enter the water, with forefinger general feed the esophagus that a place of strategic importance enters goose, every fill, with the hand suitable goose neck is driven make its get down. Before 3 the day feeds 5 every everyday, 4 ~ feed 6 every 8 days everyday, 8 the day feeds 9 every everyday later, offer sufficient water.
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