Winter keeps the comprehensive measure of egg chicken high yield

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6, decrease as far as possible should stimulate
Some fowl-run (door) the structure is very simple, housetop often uses the close over such as asbestine tile, asphalt felt, plastic cloth. To avoid to should be stimulated, must ask henhouse structure is strong, in case the tremendous noise that fierce wind causes, should avoid dog, cat, rat, avian change to enter at the same time. In should stimulate a circumstance to fall, 0.02 ~ can be added in feed the vitamin C of 0.04% , use at the same time electroanalysis multidimensional water, maintain good and stable environment.
7, raise feed energy
Winter air temperature is low, of chicken maintain energy to need to increase, because this answers to raise the energy in feed appropriately, add the feed with some of high energy more, wait like grease, corn. Some fowl-run (door) him burden, use a recipe all the time, invariable. Because raw material origin is different composition content is endless also and identical at the same time, protein, energy, mineral wait or tall or low, appeared to collect feed normal or super- constant, and laying rate is different the fall of degree, produce soft egg, thin-skinned egg to wait, some chicken group do not have a height at all, the circumstance such as atrophy of then occurrence coronal, pubic systole, the proposal had better use reasonable total value material, add feed of a few energy appropriately again.
8, supply is clean water
Water is chicken grows the development, nurture that produces egg and healthy place to need is qualitative, participate in the whole metabolization process of airframe, water what the quantity follows season is different and change somewhat, the inadequacy of food of 2 times; that winter collects appetite for feed commonly can make produce an egg to drop 2 ~ 10% , and the egg decreases again; should clean watering trough everyday, make sure water quality is good, create high yield water environment.

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