Winter keeps the comprehensive measure of egg chicken high yield

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To make egg chicken is in winter raises laying rate, lengthen height yield an egg, must offer appropriate yield egg environment, reduce the effect of all sorts of adverse elements.
One, henhouse keeps comfortable lukewarm
Limits of temperature of laying hen requirement is 8 ~ 27 ℃ , the most comfortable temperature is 13 ~ 24 ℃ , exorbitant or temperature is too low go against produce an egg, every lift or reduce 1 ℃ to be able to make produce an egg to drop 1% . Winter outside air temperature is low, should raise henhouse temperature, can take heat preservation step, unripe burner, seal a henhouse in the window, general henhouse lowest should maintain in 8 ℃ above.
2, maintain illumination constant
Illumination is one of main factors that affect gallinaceous growth, mature to gallinaceous sex, oviposit and produce an egg to have conclusive effect. General requirement produces egg period illumination to maintain 16 hours everyday. To the front of chicken falls into disuse 4 weeks can increase illumination, intensity of the most comfortable illumination is 5 lux. Winter sunshine is short, especially line of daylight of cloudy day, mist is dark, influence chicken is collected feed, so overcast mist day should open lamp complement illumination in time. In addition, should notice to wipe bulb, in case intensity of the illumination after bulb soil is abate, answer to accomplish the light to agree equably as far as possible.
3, maintain proper temperature
Limits of humidity of laying hen requirement is 50 ~ 70% , optimum humidity is 60 ~ 65% . Humidity is too low make gallinaceous body deprivation of body fluids is mixed easily cause respiratory tract disease; humidity is exorbitant, often make henhouse air foul, and easy cause all sorts of diseases. Winter air temperature is low, abandon inside relative humidity is big, wait for an influence plus snow, mist, because this must be in,sunshine adjusts on the base that retains temperature midday humidity. Adjust at ordinary times through controlling temperature humidity, with benefit at holding high yield egg.
4, do not forget ventilated take a breath
Because winter weather is cold, henhouse is airtight seal severe, can have a large number of harmful gas generation, wait like gas of vulcanization hydrogen, ammonia, carbon dioxide, the chronic respiratory tract that can cause chicken is ill, pass, spread the disease such as larynx, rhinitis, coliform organisms, because this answers to open fan of exhaust of scuttle take a breath or setting appropriately everyday, prevent wicked wind to invade at the same time catch. Do good environment disinfection at ordinary times, choose the alexipharmic drug with 2 kinds of different above to be used alternately, wait like acid of iodine of 100 poison, might, second crossing oxygen, chloric preparation, prevent the transmission of all sorts of virus, bacterium.
5, reasonable cast medicine to prevent disease
To laying hen group undertake antibody is monitored regularly, master chicken in time group immune level, use vaccine not blindly, do not increase vaccinal use multiple at will, lest create immunity failure or immunity are paralytic, avoid the happening of epidemic disease of SARS new city. Answer to adopt remedy in time when producing epidemic disease, lest almost treats an opportunity by accident, increase mortality and increase the investment that use drug to wait. After entering a winter, serious to popularity of bacterial sex disease coliform organisms defect, grape coccus disease should do medical quick test in time, choose Gao Min medicaments, so that control an illness in time, the afterwards that prevents to raise the more serious illness such as epidemic disease of former put oneself in another's position, new city, avian flu at the same time sends infection, lest cause laying rate,drop.
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