The net bed of fleshy duck breeds a technology

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Method of  epidemic prevention: 5 day age use 1 ~ 2% potassium permanganate water; 8 day age use 6 ~ extremely furazolidone waters; 9 ~ 13 day age reoccupy extremely potassium permanganate waters; 14 ~ 16 day age reoccupy extremely furazolidone is drinkable. If weather is cold, duck of 7 days of age cheeper is in 1 ~ the candy of 8% had better be joined in watering, in order to increase the quantity of heat of cheeper duck. Additional, the excrement and urine on net bed should be cleaned 2 times everyday, the every other of excrement and urine below net bed keeps clear of 3 days. Brood 7 ~ use the every other outdoor 10 days lime is disinfected.

   5, in of duck raise: Cheeper duck 28 day age turn group on when bed of the net that become duck, want to wash out ill, paralysis, incomplete and individual and lesser duck, raise density to be 5 ~ 7 / 1m  2. Natural by day illumination, nightly eat feed Shi Buguang. Outside dividing severe winter, by day but round-the-clock open the door window, nightly often also should open the door with severe winter season the window is ventilated breathe freely. Duck day feeds water 6 times in, every other 4 hours 1, feed is dry wet makings, round-the-clock supply waters.

 feed recipe: (1) corn 48% , barley 15% , Maifupi 8% , rice bran or paddy pink 10% , soya-bean cake 10% , fish meal 5% , pine needle pink 2.2% , bone dust 1.5% , salt 0.3% . (2) corn 55% , barley 5% , sorghum 8% , Mai Pi 7% , soya-bean cake 12% , careless pink 4% , fish meal 7.8% , bone dust 1% , salt 0.2% . Add grit again inside feed of every 100 Kg in recipes of afore-mentioned two kinds of feed additionally 1 ~ 2kg.

 epidemic prevention and sanitation: In duck 35 day age around, press duck everyday group alcohol of Kui of 2mg of every kilograms of weight mixes feed 3 ~ 5 days repeatedly in feed, can prevent and cure duck is choleraic. Duck net bed should be cleaned 2 days 1 times, 7 ~ clean the excrement and urine below the bed 10 days 1 times, duck is abandoned outside every other is disinfected 10 days 1 times with lime.

   6, the fatten that becomes duck:

   1, fill artificially feed fatten. 6 week age grow fleshy duck namely to become duck, if convert feed recipe, the raise with the same duck in continueing to press feeds methodological Yi Ke, but weightening finish rate is not quite good, best method is to undertake duck fills fertilizer. Duck of the following flesh enters 6 week age namely the phase that fill fertilizer. Before filling fertilizer, wash out paralysis, incomplete, ill duck and weight to cross duckling, it is by duck weight cent big, medium, small 3 kinds, smooth raise density every square metre 5.

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