Egg chicken wants high yield to catch " 6 " crucial

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4, produce egg period to strengthen science management
1. guarantees optimum temperature range. Manufacturing practice makes clear, 13-23 ℃ is the optimum temperature range that chicken produces an egg, the laying rate that temperature passes tall or too low metropolis to affect chicken and chorion quality, because this should do the sunstroke prevention of good summer,drop in temperature to prevent cold heat preservation to work with the hiemal.
2. Sheneitong wind take a breath is good. Ventilated take a breath can remove blowdown, adjust Sheneiwen the action of humidity, turn chicken farm in large-scale intensive especially, ventilated take a breath produces the mining of egg latent capacity to having very main effect to chicken. Can have nature according to particular case ventilated with machinery ventilated.
The illumination plan with sound 3. . Producing principle of egg period illumination is illumination time appropriate grows gradually unfavorable gradually short, illumination intensity also cannot abate, make a hen timely thereby leave to produce and reach peak yield an egg, develop its adequately to produce egg latent capacity.
Measure of epidemic prevention of 4. integrated sanitation. The attention maintains abandon inside the cleanness with the environment is wholesome, chamfer of rinse cistern makings and raise feed a tool and often disinfect regularly, prevent the happening of epidemic disease.
5. decreases should stimulate an element. The abrupt change of any ambient conditions can make chicken group terrified, cause should stimulate response, bring about chicken inappetence, volume yield an egg drops, produce soft carapace egg. Decrease should stimulate an element to divide outside taking specific aim step, should be made and implement scientific henhouse government program strictly, include illumination, ventilated, change for makings, water supply, feed etc.

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