Egg chicken wants high yield to catch " 6 " crucial

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One, those who raise mothball chicken is orderly degree
Breed mothball chicken to whether succeed, its are orderly spending is a main index. Bodily form difference is little, chicken group growth is orderly, mature ability the corresponding period turns the sex, will produce time ability to agree, height yield an egg is tall also. Begin to raise its from chickling hard in management orderly degree, except science government has in each respect such as temperature, humidity, feed, density, immunity outside, should notice to will lose by force at any time chickling is raised apart, strengthen nutrition to weak cheeper. Raise density to want moderate above all, because raise density,put an end to too big and cause ambient conditions abominable, the average makings of chicken be not worth with water level, those who affect Yo to become chicken is orderly degree. Should press weight next timely undertake hive off, cent is big in small 3 groups, undertake to overweight group necessary be restricted raise, small to weight group undertakes reasonable filling raise, in order to narrow whole group weighs difference, achieve those who produce weight is orderly and consistent.
2, mothball chicken weight should amount to mark
Weight is to measure mothball chicken to grow one of main index of development. Skeletal development and the egg of the hen is heavy in the future, closely related chorion intensity stand or fall. Making in management the average weight that produces chicken and skeletal development can amount to mark at the same time is the important sign with mature body. Different chicken is planted have its standard weight, function of the sex when weight crosses serious offence fertilizer is poorer. Skeletal development grows to express with leg. Weight amounts to mark and leg grows to did not amount to mark, show its inside body adipose excessive, affect its to produce egg quantity and chorion quality directly. The principle that should master when adjusting weight is to be on the foundation with contented protein, adjust energy, absorb when energy is high, weightening finish is accelerated. Become a process in Yo accordingly in, when needing adventitious, smoke measure weight and leg to grow, adopt raise administrative measure accordingly, do one's best makes its weight and leg long leaving mark can be amounted to at the same time when producing.
3, it is mature to control good sex day age
The morning and evening with mature sex and environment and heredity are concerned. Reasonable illumination is the important step that controls sexual maturity. General egg chicken is opposite after 12 week age light stimulus is sensitive, illumination can promote sexual maturity. Aborning should notice to make a scientific and sound illumination plan, make body maturity of chicken and sexual maturity achieve synchronism to agree, ability assures to produce the sufficient play of latent capacity. If body hefts mark, should from 18 week age or 20 week age lengthen 1 hour every week, when till increase,arriving 16 hours constant and changeless. If 20 Zhou Ling weight still do not amount to mark, suspend compensatory illumination time a week backward, strengthen nutrition in this phase, stimulative weight amounts to mark.
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