Becoming operation suction fat blindly is dangerous really

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20 century at the beginning of 80 time, french hairdressing doctor put forward " suck fat law reducing weight " . Current, this kind of method reducing weight is in with its special effect Euramerican country be current, in recent years, our country also introduced this kind of technology. Suck fat to reduce weight with its operation time it is short, painful to not have, get effective to rebound quickly, not easily wait for an advantage, what becoming fat gens gradually is new bestow favor on. But a lot of people decrease fat heart to cut, below the very little condition that knows to sucking fat to reduce weight, look for a beauty parlour to become operation suction fat casually, result not only cannot achieve expectant result, and still appeared the operation starts rugged, skin the circumstance such as complication of necrotic, infection, right healthy cause damage. The expert says, those who suck fat operation reducing weight to do is good, the technology that the key sees personnel of equipment, operation and the balance that absorb the amount in fat process. Expert proposal, consumer is doing the hardware technique that this orgnaization should consider cautiously when absorbing fat operation reducing weight and personnel quality, otherwise, becoming operation suction fat blindly is dangerous really.

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